Small Business Tech Support and Help Desk

Our San Francisco Computer Tech Support and Help Desk team make it easy for Small Businesses to have a dedicated IT Support team without having to spend big bucks on hiring dedicated IT staff.

San Francisco Computer Tech Support

For over a decade our team of experienced San Francisco Computer Tech Support  Professionals have been assisting a variety of Small Businesses in San Francisco, providing affordable  IT support and Help Desk solutions to Schools, Companies, Non-Profits and more. We are a full service SMB IT service organization.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) IT Service
Mobile Device Integration, Security Management (Enterprise Anti Virus, VPN, Firewall, etc.), Encrypted Data Backup, including Cloud Backup, and more!

Tek|SF’s San Francisco Computer Tech Support you can count on!
We take very good care of our clients. We not offer on-site computer support, we can also pickup/drop-off a computer anywhere in San Francisco at NO Extra Charge. We also offer quality phone support with remote support, we can remotely assist a client with many of the computer  issues companies are faced with.

Microsoft Windows Support
As a Microsoft® Silver Partner we  support all computers brands running Microsoft software and the Windows operating system for desktops, laptops and servers.

Apple Computer Support
Our technicians are Apple Certified to provide service and support to every Apple Computer out there.  Including Computer Service and Computer Support for Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and more.

Below are some of the most popular computer service and computer support we offer:

  • PC Desktop Support and PC Computer Repair
  • Apple Computer Support and Apple Computer Service
  • Networking Support including File and Printer Sharing, Wireless Networking, Wireless Router Setup and Security, NAS Setup and Management, etc.
  • Network Storage and File Server Setup and Management
  • Windows Server Administration
  • Data Backup, including Cloud Backup
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Iphone Service and Ipad Repair Service
  • Android Phone Service and Android Repair, including Galaxy S Service.
  • Android Tablet Repair Service
  • Amazon Kindle Service
  • Laptop Repair Service.
    And much more!

Home Computer House Calls and Office Computer Tech support when you need it!

Computer Help and IT Service in San FranciscoIs your network down?  No Internet?  Computer virus or spyware problem?  Computer running slow or not working at all?  Need to set up a new PC or a Mac in your home or business?  San Francisco Computer Help is just a phone call away! For every  IT need, we have a solution. We treat every customer with priority, providing personalized, friendly, professional, and trustworthy computer service and computer tech support.

Tek|SF takes pride in being affordable and fast computer help and support in San Francisco.

  • Computer Problem Diagnosis
  • Computer Security: Threats & Protection
  • Preventative Maintenance: Firewall, Anti Virus and Spyware Protection
  • Networking and Wireless: Configuration and Security
  • Computer Hardware: Computer Repair, Hardware Service & Replacement
  • Backup and Data Recovery Services: NAS and Cloud Backup.


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